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Webcam jobs are a great choice for all of us who are interested in sex, and don’t bother showing our nude bodies all over the internet. People from all over the world try to make some money broadcasting live on these cam sites, and to be honest, i think this is a growing market with an increasing competitiveness from all the parts involved.

A few years back there were none of these cam sites where amateur boys and girls show themselves as they came to this world. The expansion rate of this industry has been amazing in the last few years and the market is dominated by 3 or 4 cam sites. Competence is high and i’d say there’s no room for more cam sites unless someone comes up with a great idea, hard to copy, at least on the short term.

The fact that this is easy money for those who broadcast and have many followers is one of the reasons cam sites are so popular. Tell me a job where you can make over $3000 a month from home and the only work you do is masturbating.

So yes, you have to be open minded, you have to be shyless, you have to be fun and good making conversation. But all of that pays off when you see the wire transfer every 2 weeks. Totally worth it imho.

How to start in webcam jobs

webcam jobs

Starting in webcam jobs is fairly easy. All you have to do is signing up for a trustworthy cam site, send the required info and you’ll be set. Good cam sites are Chaturbate, MyFreecams, Cam4 or Jasmin. Sure, these are the most known ones and you’ll face more competition, but it’s better to broadcast here than in ghost cam sites that no one visits. On these at least you have the certainty that millions of viewers every day could be watching you. You just have to draw their attention.

To do so, it’s recommended to work a few hours every day. Usually with at least 2 o 3 is enough to be noticed, even when you are new. Do that everyday. The key here is to gain followers. The more followers the better. Promotion is an important part of this job and you’d be a fool by not promoting yourself. Yes, there are intimacy drawbacks, but if you are in the business, you shouldn’t be worried about that.

Privacy concerns

When broadcasting at sites like Chaturbate you always have the option to block certain regions or countries you don’t want to be seen at. But there’s always the risk of someone recording your show and uploading later to a porn tube site. In that case, the blocking option is no longer valid because anyway in the world could watch the recorded video.

In that case, what i recommend you to do is to alert your cam site of such an infraction and ask them to deal with the situation. You could even try to contact the tube site where your video is hosted ask for a removal. They will certainly do so.

Good resources about webcam jobs

If you want to learn some things about webcam jobs and what you should do to make money, there’s a good website with interesting information about it. I’m talking about It’s an informative site made by girls who worked or are working on Chaturbate and it’s a goldmine when it comes to webcam modeling information. Pay them a visit and leave a comment. I think you’ll find the information there quite useful. It was to me and helped me to make my first bucks camming.


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