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Welcome to Lesbian Sex Desire

Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m a lesbian girl, 27 years old. I was born in France, and since i was very young i felt attracted by women. At that time, i didn’t know why, but was trying to behave like a normal straight girl, and had my flirts and adventures with other men. Although that was fun, i always felt the need to interact more with other people of my genre. My first serious contact with another girl came thanks to the Internet. I was looking for ways to make money online ( more on that later ) and, well, to make it short, i ended up broadcasting naked for some famous cam sites. One day another girl saw me online and we started talking. She lived in the same city as me ( Tolousse ) and we hang out. I knew her at a pub and i felt instantly at home. We started talking and she confessed me that she was bi-sexual. When i told her that i was lesbian, we started laughing and we decided to make love that night. It was an amazing experience. We repeated many times that week and then she had to move to another country. We haven’t lost contact but as you can imagine is not the same.

A few months later, with stable job ( not sexual this time ) i met someone at work that fitted my demands. Pretty, fun and lesbian. We became friends and more. She is my partner today and i love her. As i said it’s strange, because when i was young i enjoyed being with men, but i haven’t been with one since i was 18 and i’m not sure if i could try again. Elisha takes care of me and i don’t want anything else. I know i’m a bitch and probably some day i will cheat on her with some guy. Sometimes i feel the need to swallow a good cock, mainly because it’s been 9 years since the last time i swallowed a good load of cum. I kind of miss that. It’s not that licking pussies is bad, but i’m starting to think that i’m bi instead of just lesbian. Maybe i could log into Meetic and find some man that gives me love, probably i’ll have one ready in just a few minutes.

Well, enough chit chat, now that you know me a little bit more, i want to tell you why i made this site. I enjoy sex a lot and i think being lesbian is one of the best things on earth. My partner understands me like no other and we can have fun together all time, at home, traveling, having sex… doesn’t matter. I’m having great fun with her and despite my doubts about my sexual preferences i think it’s fair to say that i haven’t cheated on her for real, just in my thoughts, but that shouldn’t be bad right? I have fantasies like everybody else. The difference i’m here telling them to you.

I hope you had the patience to read till here and i hope you enjoy the blog. I’d like to fill it with lots of pictures, videos and gifs all about sex, especially lesbian sex. Thank you and take care.