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This bitch loves to swallow cum in all cirCUMstances. Anytime is a good time for cum swallowing. Yes she is that dirty. She is the greatest whore in the whole world. Just see how she enjoys licking cum. She can’t help it. It’s too much for her. When cum is on sight, she can’t control herself, she has to taste it, lick it, swallow it. There’s no bigger pleasure than that for her. It’s the way it works with these bitches.

The fact is i know this girl, she is young, i don’t know her age exactly but i can assure you she’s under 25. I want to high school with her, and i have to say i’m not surprised how she ended up, making amateur porn movies and all that stuff.

I think she has talent for that. When we were partners at school i already noticed she had a thing for sex. I always saw her as a potential porn star and i was right. Well i don’t know if she’s a star but at least she’s trying. I guess she didn’t have any other talents and porn industry was the easiest exit for her.

Easy money as i say. Anyhow, i think she made the right decision. I guess she’s now living in California in a fancy house, with a Mercedes in the garage and a pump up boyfriend. Well, if she’s happy that way, i’m not going to criticize her choices. I wish i could have her money lol!

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