Anybody know this girl’s name? I’m shocked

I was browsing the net the other day and i came across a girl i never saw earlier. I was visting and i was instantly shocked by her beauty.

I’ve seen many girls in my life, but no one like her. It’s absolutely perfect. I’ve never seen anyone like it.

Since then, all i do is rubbing my pussy thinking of her. I’m so horny. Please someone tell me her name. I will give you a reward.




I tried a big black cock

I’ve always been a lesbian girl. But lately i began wondering how nice would it be to taste a nick black cock.

big black cock

I was having dreams where i was alone in the middle of the night and suddenly a strong black man naked came to me and offered me to suck his huge cock. I couldn’t deny and started licking it and sucking very hard.

Then i woke up and realized that i needed to try at least, and see if i liked it.

I began to search on the net for black guys with over 20cm cocks and it did not take long to find my first “victim” lol.

I found him in a gay forum. Turns out he never fucked a girl and although he was gay, he wanted to try sex with a girl.

We met a few days later knowing that we were there for a reason. To fuck, very hard. After dinner i went to his apartment and we started fucking like there’s no tomorrow. He liked to pump very hard and i came many times. I didn’t know straight sex was so satisfying.

After 30 minutes pumping harder and harder he came in my mouth and i swallowed every drop of it. I loved it. We fucked 4 more times that night and now i see him every now and then to fuck all night like that day. It’s so fucking refreshing.

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Now what i want to ask him is to fuck only anal and ask him to cum inside my asshole. I’m sure he will love it. My asshole is not too tight because i’ve used it too much with my other lesbian friends, but gay men are used to fuck assholes and mine is truly amazing,  i’m sure he will like it a lot haha.


I love licking my friend’s pussy

lesbians licking pussy

Yeah i love it. I can’t help it. I’m bisexual and i always love a good, long and hard cock, but licking my friend’s pussy is something else. It’s so wet, so beautiful to lick till she cums. I love it.

And when she does it to me, it’s like being in heaven. We often use one of those long dildos to masturbate each other and it’s lovely, and when we are close to cum, we both link our pussys till the end.

Yes i know we are bitches but we love that.…

My trip to France to be naked with other lesbians

France is known to be a multicultural place, liberal place. Me and other friends thought about going to the south of France, more precisely to Cap d’Agde’s, it’s famous nudist resort.

fucking in the beach

I have to say it lived to the expectations. Being naked all the day, licking my friends pussies was a hell of an experience, especially when made in public, with people from all over the world watching us. It probably was the most exciting experience i’ve had in my entire life.

The thing is, when you are “at work” you can’t stop doing it. You start licking slowly, you hear your friends groaning, and you want more and more and more, It’s like a drug.

One day we went to beach and started fucking our asses with double sided dildos and it was amazing. We did right on the shore, and feeling our asses destroyed while feeling the warm sea, was one of the top feeling i’ve ever had. I highly recommend it to anyone.

After one intense day of sex, beach and sun, we went to our apartments. We had a shower and then we went out for the night. There are nice places there and we had so much fun in the disco.

After 10 days i was exhausted. All the same routine every day left me with no energy. But i’m sure i will come back. I haven’t had so much fun since……

The biggest cock i’ve ever tasted


Yes i know this is a lesbian forum, but i have to say i am not 100% lesbian. From time to time a good rock hard cock is welcome and today i’m gonna talk you about the greatest, biggest cock i’ve ever tried in my life.

biggest cock tasted

It was a summer night, i was on holiday, in Cuba more precisely and you know, all those latin boys, with great bodies forged in the gym. One night on the beach one guy whispered me that i had a great body. I looked at him and he was like, oh perfect. You know, perfect body, and i just hoped his cock to be just as nice. I played along and said he looked great too, we started talking and 4 hours later we were fucking hard in my hotel.

We fucked like 4 times before going to sleep, i have to tell you, these cubans know their business. The guy promised me he was clean, he was so cute, so i let him fuck my ass from the start. We fucked 4 times and one of them was anal only. He cum inside of course. It’s not a good fuck if the guy doesn’t cum inside. Then i shitted his load and started licking it. It was amazing, the guy was a bit rusty but we managed to figure out how to clean his pipes lol.

And why was the biggest cock? Well, i didn’t measure it, but i think it was 24 cm long, 9.4 inches. I just couldn’t say no. It was too good to be true. The longest cock i fucked before was like 16 cm or something, so there was a huge difference. I wish all men had these monstrous cocks, life would be so much better……

My first bukkake

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I’ve always been a dirty girl. I know it, well, everyone knows it. I love sucking cocks, the bigger the better. I sucked my first dick when i was 18 and i haven’t stopped since. Every weekend i go out, have some party, i drink a lot and i have lots of  fun. The night is my specialty. I always find tons of boys ready for me. It’s very easy to flirt with them and make them enjoy with a great blowjob. They cum all the time in my mouth, i ask them to do so. I love the taste of their cum in my tongue, my lips. They feel mega comfortable cumming inside my mouth. They don’t last usually more than 5 minutes, that’s how good my blowjobs are.

Two weeks ago i decided i wanted more, so i prepared a group of 10 guys. I asked them first if they’d be willing to cum alongside other men in my mouth, and most of them said “yes, no problem”. I thought i’d have more difficulties to arrange such a group, but it was very very easy. Then it was just a matter of setting the place and the time. We started in my house 3 days after that, i started taking off their clothes ( i alread was naked from the beginning ), i started sucking all their cocks slowly, one at a time, for 2 minutos to warm them up. It was a lovely view, to see all those 10 cocks rock hard, and all for me. I couldn’t resist, i wanted more, i wanted more cock, more cum, more pleasure. I asked them to penetrate me without mercy, I wanted all of them inside me. They started fucking my ass, my pussy, and my mouth, all at the same time. I was in heaven. After all of them fucked me, i asked them to cum in my mouth. They did, big loads of cum all for me. I swallowed every last drop of it. It was a magnificient night.


Why i love cumshots


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I love your cum

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Yes that’s right, that’s what she told me right after i discharged my load inside her mouth. She loved every drop of it. The girls i bang are not this dirty usually, but this one, oh boy, this one was special. I’ve banged lots of girls in my life, more than i can remember but this one put a special mark in my heart. I haven’t seen anybody with such swallowing skills. It was crazy. I cum for at least 15 seconds and she drank all of it. I have to say i loved it and asked her to repeat it next time we see each other. She said: “No problem”. I can’t wait to meet her again and cum inside her ass. I bet she will shit it and drink it afterwards, like a true pornstar. This is more than i’d ever ask for. Ah BTW, her name is Foxy! HAHAHA. No really, i don’t recall her name, probably i was too drunk to remember now. I will ask her next time, right after i cum inside of her. I don’t really care, what i care about is how she sucks, fucks and swallows. That’s all that matters to me.

I’ve set our next date soon, probably in 2 days. I will try to shoot a hidden video for all of you to see. I hope she does not notice. I think she’s smart for these things, but honestly i don’t think she minds one bit. In fact i think she loves being watched while she fucks. She’s that dirty lol.


What’s the best dildo?

I’ve tried many dildo’s in my life. From the cheap ones to fancy, high end ones that costed me above $200. To be honest, there’s a huge difference between them. Although the cheap ones can get the job done, there’s nothing like the pleasure a good one can provide. Recent years have seen the introduction of even more advanced models, like the Ohmibod, which is a sound controlled dildo that can be programmed to vibrate when a pre-configured action takes place, like a sound or something.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In the cheap category you have the cock shaped ones, that are always a reliable choice, you can get some on amazon for a cheap price. 12 dollars for a dildo like that seems like a bargain to me.

For a bit more you can find glass dildo that sport a more stylish looks and are cleaner and smoother to the touch. Perfect for a more pleasant experience. You can find them here.

And then there are the more advanced ones, vibrators of all types and colors.

My opinion is that you should spend a little more and get the Ohmibod. It works with your smartphone and can get you loads of pleasure like never before. You can configure it to react to sound or any other event and it’s extremely fun to provide pleasure to your partner, both in the vagina or in the anal area. The price is high, but it’s worth it.



Working and making money with your webcam


Webcam jobs are a great choice for all of us who are interested in sex, and don’t bother showing our nude bodies all over the internet. People from all over the world try to make some money broadcasting live on these cam sites, and to be honest, i think this is a growing market with an increasing competitiveness from all the parts involved.

A few years back there were none of these cam sites where amateur boys and girls show themselves as they came to this world. The expansion rate of this industry has been amazing in the last few years and the market is dominated by 3 or 4 cam sites. Competence is high and i’d say there’s no room for more cam sites unless someone comes up with a great idea, hard to copy, at least on the short term.

The fact that this is easy money for those who broadcast and have many followers is one of the reasons cam sites are so popular. Tell me a job where you can make over $3000 a month from home and the only work you do is masturbating.

So yes, you have to be open minded, you have to be shyless, you have to be fun and good making conversation. But all of that pays off when you see the wire transfer every 2 weeks. Totally worth it imho.

How to start in webcam jobs

webcam jobs

Starting in webcam jobs is fairly easy. All you have to do is signing up for a trustworthy cam site, send the required info and you’ll be set. Good cam sites are Chaturbate, MyFreecams, Cam4 or Jasmin. Sure, these are the most known ones and you’ll face more competition, but it’s better to broadcast here than in ghost cam sites that no one visits. On these at least you have the certainty that millions of viewers every day could be watching you. You just have to draw their attention.

To do so, it’s recommended to work a few hours every day. Usually with at least 2 o 3 is enough to be noticed, even when you are new. Do that everyday. The key here is to gain followers. The more followers the better. Promotion is an important part of this job and you’d be a fool by not promoting yourself. Yes, there are intimacy drawbacks, but if you are in the business, you shouldn’t be worried about that.

Privacy concerns

When broadcasting at sites like Chaturbate you always have the option to block certain regions or countries you don’t want to be seen at. But there’s always the risk of someone recording your show and uploading later to a porn tube site. In that case, the blocking option is no longer valid because anyway in the world could watch the recorded video.

In that case, what i recommend you to do is to alert your cam site of such an infraction and ask them to deal with the situation. You could even try to contact the tube site where your video is hosted ask for a removal. They will certainly do so.

Good resources about webcam jobs

If you want to learn some things about webcam jobs and what you should do to make money, there’s a good website with interesting information about it. I’m talking about It’s an informative site made by girls who worked or are working on Chaturbate and it’s a goldmine when it comes to webcam modeling information. Pay them a visit and leave a comment. I think you’ll find the information there quite useful. It was …