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I’ve always been a lesbian girl. But lately i began wondering how nice would it be to taste a nick black cock.

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I was having dreams where i was alone in the middle of the night and suddenly a strong black man naked came to me and offered me to suck his huge cock. I couldn’t deny and started licking it and sucking very hard.

Then i woke up and realized that i needed to try at least, and see if i liked it.

I began to search on the net for black guys with over 20cm cocks and it did not take long to find my first “victim” lol.

I found him in a gay forum. Turns out he never fucked a girl and although he was gay, he wanted to try sex with a girl.

We met a few days later knowing that we were there for a reason. To fuck, very hard. After dinner i went to his apartment and we started fucking like there’s no tomorrow. He liked to pump very hard and i came many times. I didn’t know straight sex was so satisfying.

After 30 minutes pumping harder and harder he came in my mouth and i swallowed every drop of it. I loved it. We fucked 4 more times that night and now i see him every now and then to fuck all night like that day. It’s so fucking refreshing.

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Now what i want to ask him is to fuck only anal and ask him to cum inside my asshole. I’m sure he will love it. My asshole is not too tight because i’ve used it too much with my other lesbian friends, but gay men are used to fuck assholes and mine is truly amazing,  i’m sure he will like it a lot haha.