My trip to France to be naked with other lesbians

France is known to be a multicultural place, liberal place. Me and other friends thought about going to the south of France, more precisely to┬áCap d’Agde’s, it’s famous nudist resort.

fucking in the beach

I have to say it lived to the expectations. Being naked all the day, licking my friends pussies was a hell of an experience, especially when made in public, with people from all over the world watching us. It probably was the most exciting experience i’ve had in my entire life.

The thing is, when you are “at work” you can’t stop doing it. You start licking slowly, you hear your friends groaning, and you want more and more and more, It’s like a drug.

One day we went to beach and started fucking our asses with double sided dildos and it was amazing. We did right on the shore, and feeling our asses destroyed while feeling the warm sea, was one of the top feeling i’ve ever had. I highly recommend it to anyone.

After one intense day of sex, beach and sun, we went to our apartments. We had a shower and then we went out for the night. There are nice places there and we had so much fun in the disco.

After 10 days i was exhausted. All the same routine every day left me with no energy. But i’m sure i will come back. I haven’t had so much fun since……