The biggest cock i’ve ever tasted


Yes i know this is a lesbian forum, but i have to say i am not 100% lesbian. From time to time a good rock hard cock is welcome and today i’m gonna talk you about the greatest, biggest cock i’ve ever tried in my life.

biggest cock tasted

It was a summer night, i was on holiday, in Cuba more precisely and you know, all those latin boys, with great bodies forged in the gym. One night on the beach one guy whispered me that i had a great body. I looked at him and he was like, oh perfect. You know, perfect body, and i just hoped his cock to be just as nice. I played along and said he looked great too, we started talking and 4 hours later we were fucking hard in my hotel.

We fucked like 4 times before going to sleep, i have to tell you, these cubans know their business. The guy promised me he was clean, he was so cute, so i let him fuck my ass from the start. We fucked 4 times and one of them was anal only. He cum inside of course. It’s not a good fuck if the guy doesn’t cum inside. Then i shitted his load and started licking it. It was amazing, the guy was a bit rusty but we managed to figure out how to clean his pipes lol.

And why was the biggest cock? Well, i didn’t measure it, but i think it was 24 cm long, 9.4 inches. I just couldn’t say no. It was too good to be true. The longest cock i fucked before was like 16 cm or something, so there was a huge difference. I wish all men had these monstrous cocks, life would be so much better…