My first bukkake

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I’ve always been a dirty girl. I know it, well, everyone knows it. I love sucking cocks, the bigger the better. I sucked my first dick when i was 18 and i haven’t stopped since. Every weekend i go out, have some party, i drink a lot and i have lots of ¬†fun. The night is my specialty. I always find tons of boys ready for me. It’s very easy to flirt with them and make them enjoy with a great blowjob. They cum all the time in my mouth, i ask them to do so. I love the taste of their cum in my tongue, my lips. They feel mega comfortable cumming inside my mouth. They don’t last usually more than 5 minutes, that’s how good my blowjobs are.

Two weeks ago i decided i wanted more, so i prepared a group of 10 guys. I asked them first if they’d be willing to cum alongside other men in my mouth, and most of them said “yes, no problem”. I thought i’d have more difficulties to arrange such a group, but it was very very easy. Then it was just a matter of setting the place and the time. We started in my house 3 days after that, i started taking off their clothes ( i alread was naked from the beginning ), i started sucking all their cocks slowly, one at a time, for 2 minutos to warm them up. It was a lovely view, to see all those 10 cocks rock hard, and all for me. I couldn’t resist, i wanted more, i wanted more cock, more cum, more pleasure. I asked them to penetrate me without mercy, I wanted all of them inside me. They started fucking my ass, my pussy, and my mouth, all at the same time. I was in heaven. After all of them fucked me, i asked them to cum in my mouth. They did, big loads of cum all for me. I swallowed every last drop of it. It was a magnificient night.